Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Minor Setback

Norah has done great not sucking her fingers. She doesn't argue at all about putting the gloves on at bedtime and has been able to fall asleep fairly quickly. I haven't noticed her sucking her fingers during the day at all. If she seems tired at rest time, I put the gloves on and she is fine with that. Today, however, I thought her blanket was up in the closet and she was in her room for rest time. She had just come into my room and I sent her back to her room for a little longer (if she isn't napping, she is usually drawing or playing quietly) and realized I hadn't put her blanket up and wasn't sure if Kevin had. I went to her room to check her and she had her blanket and was sucking her fingers!! I couldn't believe it! I told her if she was that tired then I needed to put her gloves on. After I did, she was asleep within minutes. Hopefully the minute or 2 she sucked her fingers wasn't enough to mess up the last 10 days - she really has done great!

We've given up on Lucy, though. I just think she is too young. I know that if she had a pacifier, we probably would have taken it away by now, but since I can't get rid of her fingers, I think it is different. She wasn't making much progress - everytime I take her gloves off she put her fingers in her mouth. During the day she was sucking them off and on. I think we have had 2 nights that she hasn't woken up. She is miserable and we are close to miserable with exhaustion. She had a full blown tantrum today at Bible study - her first EVER. I let her sleep today with gloves on. She fell asleep a little after 1 and is still asleep 2 hours later. I think we will try again with her in about a year.


Nicole said...

Hopefully Norah will continue with her progress...surely that little bit won't hurt, right?

The Smith Family said...

Don't feel bad about Lucy. We were so strict with Skyler and her binkie. She had it at night until she was two and the day she turned 2 we took it away. Jaylie is a different story. She only gets hers at night. The plan was to take it away when she turned 3(we tried 2, but obviously we gave up). Well...she turned 3 September, 24 and she still has it. We really did try, but our lives were miserable. I can totally relate! My mom swears that we need to look at the Farmer's Almanac and ween her by that timeline.