Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Few Funnies

Just thought I would share a few funny Norah stories.

First of all, she has decided she was her name to be spelled N-O-R-A.  She leaves off the H all the time - on purpose!  

She got a little frog tatoo somewhere this week and wanted me to put it on her.  She decided she wanted it on her left ankle because "that's where Daddy's is."  She also told me that she is going to take showers from now on because then it will stay on forever!  She thinks Kevin doesn't take baths because he doesn't want his tatoo to come off.  Ha!


Nicole said...

the bath/shower explanation seems perfectly logical!

is she taking showers now? and does she like them better than baths? :)

Chad and Alison said...

Hi Heather!

I have been following your blog off and on for the last few weeks (when I get a chance to sit and read that is :). Anways, I am really interested in the preschool homeschooling that you are undertaking and doing a great job at. I was wondering if you are following a preset agenda from a book or if you are developing the ideas on your own. The twins are now 3 and it has been on my heart to start something with them. If you have time and could share what you use, I would greatly appreciate it. My email is or phone is 618-656-7460.

Thanks so much!!