Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oooh - a Clean Car

While Lucy was sleeping today, Norah and I went outside to clean out the car. Of course, Norah played on the front porch and in the garage while I cleaned. Seriously, I haven't cleaned out my car in FOREVER! It was nasty! There were crumbs from a pumpkin muffin left from pumpkin festival which was over a month ago! It totally makes Kevin sick and he usually cleans out my car for me, but he has been so busy recently that he hasn't had time.

After Lucy's nap we were going to run to the grocery and I said to Lucy, "Mommy cleaned out the car while you were napping."

Her response, "I can hardly beyeeve it!"

When I opened the car door for Lucy, she squeals, "Oooh! It's so cean!!"

Sad really - that my 2 year old is so excited to have a clean car!!


ErinL said...

Reminds me of the day I started cleaning the house and Clayton said "Who is coming over?" Seriously, I do clean more often than that!

Nicole said...

i love it! lucy's so funny :)