Sunday, October 19, 2008

Toddler Thursday Theme - Black and White Animals

Last week we had a VERY laid back week of school - since Lucy was sick.  Norah was fine - but Lucy wanted to be held a lot and that made it difficult to get anything done with Norah.  By Friday morning the girls were both asking to do school so we did a few things - but we will continue this week.  

Lucy matched animals to animal cards.  All the animals were black and white animals.
The girls drew with white chalk on black paper.  They seemed to also enjoy making smudges on their pictures after drawing.
We worked on making patterns - Norah enjoys and can finish pretty difficult patterns (ABC and ABAAB).  Lucy on the other hand, had no interest.  I tried just to get her to copy an AB pattern and she just wanted to put the white blocks together and the black ones together.

The girls made pandas with black and white circles.  This is Lucy's.  The picture of Norah's didn't turn out very well.