Monday, October 12, 2009

Sick Again

We went camping over the weekend, so I have a lot of pictures to post, but right now I have 2 sickos - yet again. I know it is only October - it is going to be a LONG winter. Daphne and Lucy both have bad colds - the type where you are wiping their noses every 2 minutes. I wish I was kidding - it is disgusting! They both have coughs - Lucy's is croupy sounding, but our doctor doesn't like us to give any kind of cough medicine. We steamed up the bathroom and she and I sat in their for awhile tonight. You can tell they both feel miserable and Daphne is not sleeping well. I took Daphne to the doctor today - thinking she had an ear infection, but her ears were fine, thankfully!

We were supposed to head to the zoo tomorrow with the Diehl's, but I don't want to risk getting the boys sick and it is probably going to be too cool for the girls to be out with bad colds. Norah is not happy that I cancelled - neither am I actually. I am really praying that the sick season doesn't get any worse than this!!!
Let's hope the rest of us don't get it - Norah especially! She is so not wanting more breathing treatments again so soon!!


heather said...

Bummer! Poor girls... I hope the rest of you can fend it off!

My kids have been in that 'seem like they're getting a cold' stage for a week or two... but thankfully they keep fighting it off. I'll notice it a little more; they'll be sounding a little stuffier or start a little coughing and I'll think "okay, they're really going to be sick this time", but then the next day there's no sign of the cold!
Hopefully we can keep that up!

Nicole said...

Well, good that Daphne's ears are clear at least!

We'll reschedule :)

Sarah G said...

Sorry to hear Lucy and Daphne are sick. Please, let me know if you need anything! Nora is always welcome to come play over here if having one less child is helpful for a little bit. Hopefully everyone gets well soon. I know sickness can be hard on the little ones and the mom! Praying you all recover quickly and no one else gets sick.

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Yuk! We know how that goes! Hopefully they are just getting it all out of the way now, and you'll have a great rest of the winter! :)