Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Are There in Spirit

Kevin and Lucy are at the Pumpkin Festival. Daphne, Norah and I are not - we are all sick. I have been pretty miserable since Thursday and Daphne and Norah have been miserable since yesterday morning (EARLY morning for Norah). We have all had coughs, green snotty noses, fevers, etc. Bleh - no fun at all. After 18 months of no breathing treatments for Norah, we are now doing them every 4 hours.

Lucy was actually the first one to get sick and the first one to get over it. Actually, she still has a little cold, but that may hang on for a while. My mom was in town for a couple of days this week, so on Thursday Mom took Lucy home with her - assuming we would all be coming up on Friday. Kevin had signed up to run in the Pumpkin Festival 10k, so he decided to go up last night, run this morning, take Lucy to the parade and then head home after lunch.

Let me just say that Norah has sobbed over the fact that she didn't get to go. To people like me, the P-fest is a HUGE deal. I mean if you are from Morton, the pumpkin capital of the world - it is a part of who you are! I think I have missed twice - that's it. This makes the third. It is not as big of a deal to Kevin - since he didn't grow up in Morton. However, after 9 years of marriage - I think he is learning. It is a HUGE deal to Norah. She has been talking about and couldn't wait to go! My mom bought shirts for the girls to wear while we were there.

So even though, the Norah and Daphne are still in St. Louis, they are there in spirit (and yes, I fixed their hair even though they are sick. They had pumpkin bows to match - I couldn't resist):

Norah seems like she is starting to feel better. We will keep up the treatments until the cough goes away, but poor Daphne seems sort of miserable today. She slept well last night, thankfully, but her nose is running, her eyes are puffy, and she is just sort of fussy.
Kevin emailed me this picture of Lucy at the parade:


Alison said...

Lucy -- Please bring home candy for Aunt Alison. Hope you enjoyed the parade!

Casey said...

Hey girl....I feel your pain. Chloe's been off breathing treatments for quite some time and I started her back up yesterday. She slept very little last night because it was the first time that medicine had been in her system in quite some time. It really "zinged" her and she couldn't sleep. Hope you guys get better soon!


Jackie said...

We missed all of you also. We sent a lot of goodies home with Kevin though. Ryan and Will and Alison didn't get to come either. Maybe next year everyone will be able to come. The girls looked cute in their pumpkin shirts. Maybe they can all wear them at Thanksgiving and get their pictures taken together.

Sarah G said...

So, sorry you guys have been sick. Hopefully everyone is able to recover quickly and you are able to get some rest in the middle of it all. It is so hard to be sick as a mom especially if others are sick too. It's hard to get well yourself. Let me know if you need anything!

The girls look super cute in their outfits. I LOVE Nora's tights.

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

I wondered if you would be coming or not. So sorry you didn't get to come. MJ got to have her first PFest experience this weekend. She loved the parade. Wish I would have been able to see Lucy. The other girls still looked cute, though, even though they couldn't make it. Hope you all feel better soon!