Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homeschool - Our Way

After the torrential downpour we have experienced the WHOLE day, I decided for our science today we would talk about weather. We used the Usborne Children's Internet Linked Encyclopedia. We read the pages on weather and then used Usborne Quicklinks. Norah and Lucy looked at a variety of activities and websites related to the weather. I usually try to follow Norah's lead with what she wants to learn more about - today it was snowflakes. I'm thinking rain, thunder - you know, things that we are actually seeing today. No, Norah wants to learn about snowflakes. Okay, so we looked at a variety of snowflakes and talked about how no two snowflakes are the same. We learned how to fold a square piece of paper and then to cut it out to look like a snowflake. One more thing that I LOVE about homeschooling is that we can go off in a direction totally different than we had planned. We still go our math, reading, science and art in today! So fun!!


Sarah G said...

That's great! Sounds like a fun and educational day. We are talking about weather/seasons right now too. Good stuff. Hope you have a good weekend!