Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little of This and a Little of That

Kevin and I spent the weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with our small group from our church. We had a great time! We shopped, hiked, ate, and played games. The kids stayed with my parents so it was a nice weekend away, but I am always glad to get home to the girls!!!

Daphne has 2 more teeth that just popped through - making it a total of 6 teeth. We knew we should see them any day - the way she was drooling!!

We went to the park yesterday when we finished school. I took the jogging stroller and the girls' bikes. I walked/jogged while Norah and Lucy rode bikes. Then they played on the playground while Daphne crawled around. She discovered fallen leaves -yum! She would crawl away from me and shove some leaves in her mouth as fast as she could. I dug them out and she would crawl away again as fast as she could and shove more leaves in her mouth while laughing and squealing! Wow - she has such a personality already!!!

Norah and Lucy watched Little Rascals over the weekend - more than once. Lucy has several parts memorized - she is totally cracking us up as she quotes the movie!! She told my mom over the weekend, "I have an Alfalfa in my class at church. I really do, I promise, I'm not lying." Not true - but so funny!

A couple of weeks ago when Lucy was in Morton for the P-fest, my mom asked Lucy what she thought they should do that evening. Lucy says, "We could go to Starbucks or something." It is hard for me to give the full effect of Lucy talking because she talks SO fast. Words just FLY out of her mouth and often we can't understand her.

Lucy is doing a little better wearing the gloves to bed. She still cries about 5 minutes at bedtime - whether we lay with her or not. It breaks my heart because she is such a happy girl and usually talked or sang herself to sleep. She literally is asleep within 5 - 10 minutes every night. She is exhausted because she isn't napping now that she isn't sucking fingers. Every once in awhile she gets her gloves off in the early morning and puts her fingers in her mouth. It is going to be a LONG process.