Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Lucy

We have had an interesting day with Lucy today. She still isn't feeling well and isn't napping (due to not finger sucking) - not a good combination!

A few quotes from her today:

Last night before supper, Lucy said, "If daddy isn't home, then I'm not eating!"

Last night Lucy bit a hole in one glove. This morning she said, "I'm sorry I broke the glove."

At rest time, I was laying with her to try to get her to fall asleep. She kept saying, "I'm ignoring you!" When I wouldn't respond she would shout "Mom, I'm ignoring you! Did you hear me? I'm ignoring you!"

After being sent to her room SEVERAL times today, Lucy yells, "Ahhh! I'm stuck in my room!"

I cleaned ALL. DAY. today. While in the middle of cleaning the bathroom, Lucy climbed into the bathtub, threw her hands in the air and shouted, "I can do anything I want to!"

Another funny. "Your (pointing to me) house isn't funner than the Diehl's house. Their house is much more funner!"

After rest time (okay, I guess I can't really call it rest time since there was ABSOLUTELY. NO. RESTING!), Lucy said, "Can I have a donut?" When I responded no, Lucy says, "You are not in charge. Daddy is the boss, you are not the boss."

Also, while cleaning Lucy says, "Did you clean this shelf and these candles?" I said no and she said, "Well you should. It is really, really, really, really, really, (she actually went on and on - but you get the idea!) dirty."

Wow! What a day!


ErinL said...

Oh my! Well if she's not resting I hope you slept good last night after that day! I had to laugh at the comment about dad being in charge. We've already been teaching the boys in small ways that men are the head of the household, so one day Clayton thought that meant that since he is a boy he must be over me as sorry to dissapoint but it doesn't work that way :)!

Nicole said...

Well, I'm glad to be the "funner" house!!

She's so funny, and exhausting, I know...I've got one, too.