Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sweet Baby

The girls and I headed to Morton on Sunday to meet my new little nephew. It was a very last minute trip and we really didn't tell many people we were going. It ended up being a really nice visit - we weren't running around trying to see people, we just hung out with my parents, Denise, Contessa and Alex. Wow, he is a doll!!
While we were there I ended up teaching one of Denise's art classes. The gal who is teaching art this semester couldn't be there on Tuesday afternoon and Denise really didn't want to cancel the class. She was considering teaching it herself, but given she just had a c-section 2 weeks ago she asked me to do it. It was REALLY fun. I had a great group of kids who were all about Norah's age, so she came with me!!

Here are a few pics of little Alex!! He was totally loved on the whole time we were there!

It is hard to tell in the picture but Alex totally has a cleft chin!! I love it!!

I made sure to get school in both Monday and Tuesday mornings. I am quite proud of myself for actually getting it down. It would be so easy to say, "Forget it. We are out of town" but I know that I need to be consistent with our schooling. (I also do NOT like to miss something we have planned. It totally messes up my plan book if I have to switch days. The OCD in me doesn't do well with that!) Much of what I planned was appropriate in some way for Lucy and Contessa too. Norah LOVED having school with Contessa!!

Check out Lucy's outfit! Although they were playing dress up, this was her outfit for the day (and night, actually! I forgot jammies and didn't realize it until bedtime!! Lucy Lu got new jammies out of this trip!). There is a dress that goes over the shirt - not sure why it is so short, though - but Lucy didn't want to wear the dress. Ha!

My little niece, Contessa!! The girls had a BLAST together - running and squealing for hours on end!! So fun!
Seriously, Lucy looks so grown up holding Alex!!

In case you didn't know, Norah is an expert with babies now!


Jackie said...

Guess what! Grandma and Grandpa had a BLAST also. The pictures are very nice. I'd like copies!