Saturday, July 25, 2009


We have 4 weeks left until our triathlon!! The last couple of weeks, I have felt overwhelmed with training. I have been extra tired in the early mornings making it very difficult to get up - which in turn made me a little grumpy about training.

Last Saturday I biked for just under an hour - probably about 12 or 13 miles, but wiped out on the last mile. Before the fall, however, I was feeling pretty good about the biking. I wasn't feeling like I was going to die or anything.

I ran 4 miles on Monday and felt great afterward - if it wasn't for the fact that I needed to get home to feed Daphne, I might have been able to go a little farther.

I biked 6 miles on Wednesday morning - very easy ride (seriously never thought I would say that considering the first time I rode 4 miles I really thought I was going to die and I never wanted to get on a bike again). Then I swam about 1/3 of a mile in the afternoon. The swim was hard because I hadn't taken the time to swim in about 3 weeks - oops. The weather has been unseasonable cool so I didn't really want to swim in the cold water. It sort of took my breath away. I felt like I would never finish and that was while I could still touch! Now I know that I REALLY need to make the effort to swim a couple of times each week until the race.

Friday I swam about 1/3 of a mile. It went a little better today. The one thing about swimming in the lake is that if you are tired and out of breath, you can't rest. I still have to float or tread water - not much of a breather.

Today, Jenny (my friend from church who is also doing the tri) and I rode the 12 mile route of the race. We had a few issues - my chain came off and got stuck. STUCK. Another biker (maybe cyclist is the better name for him) was riding by and stopped to help us. He even struggled to get the chain free, but finally had success and we were off again. The bike I am using is a little older so the gears are a little strange. I'm glad to actually know the route of the race - there are some KILLER hills! Seriously, we were CRAWLING at one point. When we finished the ride we ran for about 20 minutes. I was tired but not dying - which I can't believe. Although, swimming first - which is the hardest part at this point - may totally change things.

I also need to add that my sister came over today to stay with the girls while Kevin and I trained. Actually, Norah and Lucy were going to come and we were going to alternate swimming while they played, but as soon as they heard Alison was coming overto stay with Daphne, they both wanted to stay home. They kept her busy and entertained. She did some VERY girlie things and Norah and Lucy tried to talk her into all kinds of stuff. They tried to convince her that I let them use my make-up - all of it. Ha! Thanks, Alison for hanging out with the girls - they had a blast!

I don't feel quite so overwhelmed now and I know if I just stay consistent with my training, I should be fine. After today, I am getting a little excited about the race. If nothing else, it will be a great experience and has been a great way to get back in shape after having Daphne!!


Chad and Alison said...

Wow! A tri?! Good for you.

heather said...

I'm so impressed Heather... good for you!!
And you do look fabulous, by the way! Maybe a triathlon is what I need. HA!