Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a great weekend! We relaxed, enjoyed time with friends, and worked on a few projects!!

Kevin had the day off on Friday - yea!! He went mountain biking with some guys from our small group then he and I worked on a few projects while the girls napped. Kevin took Norah and Lucy to the 4th of July festival that was going on in our community. The girls had a great time. They met up with Morrison's after awhile. They bounced in the bounce house, slid down the big slide, rode some rides and finished the evening off with a funnel cake!

Later in the evening I asked Lucy if she saw Sawyer. She replied, "Yeah, he's my buddy!" Cute!

Saturday was a dreary, rainy day! We spent the morning relaxing and playing with the girls. Kevin installed a new dishwasher!!!! Our old one had been broken for about 3 months!!

As fitting with tradition, we headed over to the Diehl's house after naps (everyone napped - so they were ready for a FUN evening). We had a DELICIOUS dinner! The kids played and played and played. The Diehl's had purchased a few small fireworks for the dads . . .er, kids to enjoy. The kids attempted this project, but ended up finger painting instead. I put Daphne to bed at their house and JH went to bed too. The dads took the 4 bigger kids to see fireworks. We had a GREAT time! It is always a blessing to hang out with the Diehl family. We were amused at one point in the evening when Luke said, "Norah and I just want to be alone." As the parents, we figured it is better to allow it now than when they are 15 and 16. Ha!
Jack wasn't really wanting to be apart of his own family picture, but he saw us getting ours taken, he climbed right up!!
After putting the girls to bed around 10:30, we slept in on Sunday morning. Well, Kevin, Norah, and Lucy slept in. Daphne was awake and ready to eat by 7:30. We worked on a few more projects and then went to our community center to swim in the afternoon. The adult lap swim was open from 3-4 and the kids pool was open until 4. I swam some laps while Kevin and the girls played in the pool. I joined them after about 20 minutes of swimming and we had a great time!! We have lived here for almost 4 1/2 years and this is the first time we have taken the kids to the indoor pool (it was cold and rainy here yesterday). It is so nice!! There is a lazy river and a little playground/slide in the water.

I'm a little sad to see the weekend end because we had a great time!!


Nicole said...

We had a great time, too...glad you could come over!

Love the pictures, especially Jack Henry joining your family.

Nicole said...

I forgot to mention that I LOVE the new banner picture!

Unknown said...

Loved seeing your pics, esp. the one w/ the addition of a little BOY to your family! :) Hilarious! I agree w/ Nicole--very cute banner pic! Your little girls look adorable in their patriotic colors; well, they look cute as can be in anything!

Did you realize your family photo up in the right corner of your blog has July 2007 under it?