Monday, July 27, 2009

6 Months

I know I am a little behind!!! Oops!

6 Month Stats - 14 lbs 5 oz, 20%
26 1/2 in, 75% (still much longer than Norah or Lucy!!)

Anyway - Daphne was 6 months last Friday. She is growing and changing much faster than I sometimes like!!! She is really a sweet, sweet baby. If she is well-rested and has a full tummy - she is as content as can be (now that I say that - she will probably have a grumpy day! Ha!)

She LOVES her voice - which she gets honestly, because her sisters are exactly the same way! She cooes and screaches and squeals ALL. THE. TIME.

She is just starting to sit up - propping herself up with her hands. She likes to be sitting up putting toys in her mouth as opposed to lying down with her toys. If she is lying down, she doesn't stay in one place. She is either scooting backward, rolling, or inching forward (which I have been referring to as "the inchworm"). Check this out:

As always she LOVES watching Norah and Lucy. If they are running around laughing and squealing, Daphne tries to join in on the squealing! She gets excited when she sees either Norah or Lucy - often kicking and waving violently or throwing her body around.

As mentioned before, Daphne is a finger-sucker like Norah and Lucy, but she also tugs on her ear with the other hand while she is sucking her fingers. If she has a blankets nearby (or bib or burp rag) she rubs it on her ear instead.

We are enjoying our time with her and are so thankful for a sweet baby girl!!