Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

So Norah seems to be feeling a little better - atleast her fever is gone, but she still doesn't have much of an appetite. Since we have been stuck in the house for 2 days, I HAD to get out. Surely we could do couple of quick errands, right? Let me start by saying, Lucy was perfect. You heard me right, my ornery, feisty 2-year old was perfect!
Norah on the other hand - boy, she had an attitude! Usually Lucy is the one pestering Lucy, but today it was the other way around. I kept reminding myself as I looked at the dark circles around her eyes that she is only acting this way because she still doesn't feel great. We ran to Hobby Lobby to look for a few items for the basement. We had some success, but not a lot. I am looking for a cute lamp and clock. I found a clock at Target, but was hoping to find something a little cheaper at Hobby Lobby. Oh, well, I will keep looking.
We ran to Gymboree. I had a 30% off coupon and they are having a big sale. I only bought 2 outfits for Norah with socks and bows to match! Boy ,does it add up!
We ran to the grocery store - Kevin's dad is in town at his brother's and is coming out here for dinner.
Our last stop was Target. I was looking for a small bookshelf. I looked at Michael's and Hobby Lobby for an unfinished one, but didn't see anything I like. I got a white, 3 shelf bookshelf that is similar to the other shelving unit we have.
So after all that (and grabbing lunch) we headed home and the girls could hardly even walk in the house. They were so tired! Hopefully, I won't regret it later, but like I said, I had to get out of the house!!


Amanda said...

Tell Ed hi for us. Tell he and Kevin that Mike Leak passed away this morning.