Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's Favorite Activity

Play-doh is the activity of choice this afternoon. Norah and I made playdoh around 3:15 and Lucy has been playing with it ever since - it is 4:30! I don't think she has ever done anything that long!! I don't think she has even eaten hardly any!! Yea!
We have had an interesting week in that Lucy has been kind of sick. She has a horrible cold and a nasty cough. We were going to head to Morton yesterday and Kevin was going to ride the train up on Friday evening. Amtrak prices have gone up and he didn't think it was worth it to pay $40 for a 3 hour train ride. So we are all going up tomorrow (My niece's first birthday party is Saturday). It is probably best since Lucy hasn't felt good. I took her to the doctor today for fear that she was wheezing. She isn't, thankully, and actually has seemed quite a bit better since her nap this afternoon. Last night was the worst - she was grumpy, her nose was constantly running, nasty coughing spells - just plain miserable. It probably seemed worse, too, because Kevin worked until about 9 last night.
Ooh, I think I will have to throw Lucy's half of the play-doh away. She has sneezed way too many times right into her play-doh. Gross!


Chad and Alison said...

Hey Swinigans. Just want to say hi and tell you how much we enjoy reading your blogs. It is too bad we don't get together with everyone more than once every 5 years or so, but regardless we are glad to know what's going on in your lives. Maybe someday life will slow down, 30 years or so. But it will speed up a lot in 170 days for you. Congrats on #3.

teachingtinytots said...

new to your blog from chasing cheerios! great blog! my 2 girls love playdoh too! i post a playdoh of hte month recipe on my teaching blog if your ever interested!