Monday, August 18, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

I have been wanting to do muffin tin Monday for awhile now - just hadn't done it. Is there anyone left in blogland who hasn't done muffin tin Monday? I first about it here, and she saw it here. Then I saw it here and here.

So now it is our turn.

Starting in the upper left-hand corner: turkey, string cheese, ranch, carrots and cucumbers, blueberries, Club snack sticks.

Norah thought this was quite fun and ate everything except the turkey. She did remind me, though, that when mother's day out starts we will have to have muffin tin Tuesday. Smart girl.

Lucy thought is was fun, but still didn't eat much more than normal - chowed on her cheese, one carrot, a cracker or two, and basically licked the section with ranch. Lucy also emptied out one section so she could put her cup in it instead (my picture of this did not turn out).


Nicole said...

I love that Lucy licked out the ranch compartment. She'd fit right in with my boys!

(embarrassed)I haven't tried this yet. But I will sometime. Totally should have today, as we had what Luke calls "hodge-podge" for lunch.

Leslie Collins said...

I haven't either. It definitely looks like a cute idea and I will probably try it sooner or later. :)

Have a good day.

LeeAnn Howard said...

I really need to get on the band wagon and try these muffin tin lunches out! I really like your rubber one too! very fun for the kids!