Monday, August 4, 2008

Octopus in Review

Last week's letter was 'O' so Norah learned about ocean and octopus. Some of our favorite books include, Swimmy, Gentle Giant Octopus, Commotion in the Ocean, A Swim Through the Sea, A House for Hermit Crab, and Baby Beluga.
Norah made a hand octopus. I traced her palm and 4 fingers on one hand and then her 4 fingers on the other hand. Norah painted it with watercolors and after it dried, we wrote something she had learned about octopus on each tentacle. She was able to come up with 8 facts with little prompting.

Kevin and Norah went to Petsmart yesterday and looked some of the fish. When they got home, Norah drew a picture of her 3 favorite fish.

We also talked about where the largest octopus live (Pacific Ocean) and Norah identified the Pacific Ocean on a map.

We looked online at a variety of picture of ocean life. We looked at the video of an octopus feeding here.


Katie Mohr said...

As a supplement, you should check out, it's cute and very kid friendly!

Amanda said...

You're awesome Heather! Very cute ideas. :)