Monday, August 4, 2008

Dinosaurs in Review

Each week - no matter what the topic - we have a "reading plan" which includes things like learning new letter sounds (Norah knows all her letter sounds, so we move quickly through this part), separating objects based on beginning sounds, letter bingo, letter memory, identifying blends, matching 3 or 4 letter words to pictures, etc.

For 'd' week we learned about dinosaurs. We read quite a few books about dinosaurs including What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs. Norah and I both LOVED this book - as a Christian, I would HIGHLY recommend it if your kiddos ever wonder why we don't see dinosaurs anymore. It is written by creation scientists and is totally Biblical. We also read some cute fiction books like Dazzle the Dinosaur and Danny and the Dinosaur.

Some of our favorite activities of the week included:

1. Pretending to be paleontologists, only we dug for chocolate chips instead of dinosaur bones. Norah work very hard and was able to gently pull out 5 or 6 chocolate chips out of her cookies.

2. We made fossils. Obviously, it is not totally scientific because we saw our outcome immediately - not over time, but this activity helped Norah to understand what a fossil is and how scientists might find a fossil and have to figure out what it came from. My picture of this did not turn out, but we used model magic. We roll them into balls and then pressed different objects into them. The girls chose items like necklaces, spiky ball, little people, money, etc.

3. We dug for dinosaurs in the sand.

4. For Lucy we sorted dinosaur cards that I had made with stickers and construction paper.

5. Norah picked 3 dinosaurs out of one of our books and we did a little research online to find out a little more about each one.