Wednesday, December 2, 2009

School Stuff

(so, clearly I am not taking that break from blogging that I mentioned yesterday!!)

While doing school stuff today, I casually told Lucy to write her name on her paper she was coloring. I tell her this whenever she colors/draws/"writes" just for the practice. The most she has ever written was her 'L' and then she writes random symbols for the other letters. I was helping Norah with something and I randomly turned and looked at Lucy's picture and this is what I saw at the top:

I was SHOCKED! She has never even come close to writing her name, and I didn't really expect her too since she is just 3.

Norah and I talked about what an acrostic poem is and this is the poem she wrote today:
The picture she drew is a manger.

The girls have been working like crazy on pattern bead wreaths! The have completed 5 so far and are each working on 1 more.

Totally random: Lucy's new thing right now is to say, "Ha ha ha Ha ha." She says it ALL the time. If she finishes something before Norah or if she gets to do something first or if she gets to sit where Norah wanted to sit - she says it. She is sassy!


Sarah G said...

Way to go Lucy! That is great! And Norah's acrostic is wonderful!

Nicole said...

Sarah G took the words right out of my mouth - way to go Lucy!

Unknown said...

Lucy's name is adorable!! And even before I read that the picture at the bottom of Norah's acrostic poem is a manger, I wondered if it was!