Saturday, January 30, 2010

Check This Out

Do your kids love to pretend to cook? Mine do - they play "kitchen" all the time!!

I found this great giveaway. Check it out and check out the Etsy store too!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

DJ's Stats

Daphne had her 1 year check up today. I still don't like saying she is one. . . seriously. With all her hair she looks like a little girl - not a baby.

Weight - 16 1/2 pounds, which puts her under the 3rd percentile.
Height and Head- (not exactly sure th exact numbers) both 50%

I guess for us it doesn't matter that the recommendation for turning your baby to forward facing is 2 now, because based on her weight she wouldn't be turning around yet anyway!!

Daphne did great at the doctor's office. She cried briefly after getting shots, but stopped instantly when she the nurse gave her an animal cracker!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Daphne!

Seriously, who is this big girl?

I think I am in denial. I really didn't want to write about Daphne turning 1!!! Wasn't it just yesterday that I wrote this post?

I know I have mentioned multiple times that Daphne wouldn't clap. She just wouldn't. She would hold her hands out and wait for someone to clap for her. Well, now I can officially say that she claps and she still says, "ayyyyyy!" as she claps. She also does so big and waves by opening and closing her hand (instead of flapping her hand up and down).

Since Daphne has been moving since she was a little of 6 months (officially crawling by about 7), Kevin was SURE she would be walking by 1. We commented earlier in the week how she would not be walking by one because she is so fast at crawling. That is all changing as we speak! She has officially taken anywhere from 3-5 steps about 4 different times!!

We are almost done with bottles!!! We have about enough formula for one more bottle and then the bottles are gone forever! About 2 weeks ago, Daphne was really struggling with the sippy cup so I thought we would be using the bottles for a while longer, she has now mastered the cup and there is no need to keep the bottles. Just like her sister Lucy, she seems to LOVE her milk!!

Daphne is quickly learning to crawl up the stairs. We have a gate at the bottom of our stairs - to keep her from climbing up without us knowing. If Norah or Lucy is going up, Daphne crawls as quickly as possible to the stairs to sneak through before they close the gate. If she is too late, she stands at the gate and yells.

Daphne has started fake laughing - sounds a little like a courtesy laugh. Cracks us up!! She is really a ham. She will do something that makes us laugh and then once she realizes she made us laugh, she does it over and over - looking at us each time to see if we will laugh at her. She is also SO LOUD! She is constantly hollering to get someone's attention!! She is seriously the loudest of our children!!

I don't think I have posted about cloth diapers, but we have made the switch. I am using Bum Genius One-Size Pocket diapers and a couple of Bum Genius Flips. So far it is going well - more people should make the switch!!

Remember this? We are now doing it with Daphne and it is going very well! She still sometimes tries to climb up on the bricks, but over all, she avoids them or when she hears "uh oh" she crawls away.

Of course, a birthday post wouldn't be complete without pictures from the last year! Enjoy!! (You may want to look at the progression of Daphne's hair lightening from birthday to now. She is definitely a blondie now.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas. . . . .Finally!

We spent Christmas in Indy with Kevin's family. The girls enjoyed spending time with time with their grandparents, cousins and aunt and uncle. Norah thought it would be better to wear their red "fancy" dresses to church on Christmas Eve.

We celebrated Christmas with my family over New Year's weekend.
Doesn't Contessa look so overwhelmed?

My dad likes to plan a Wii tournament while we are all there - complete with prizes (good prizes too - gift cards!!)

Kevin and I won highest total score bowling! Woot! Woot!

Canoeing on Wii Resort was so fun. Crazy, but fun. My shoulders and arms hurt for about 3 days!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I know I have been missing in action. Along with everyone else, we had a great, but very busy Christmas! I have pics to post and school stuff to post - but I am also trying to spend less time on the computer. Less time on fb and less time blogging/reading blogs.

As Heather mentioned, I also need to be better at managing my time so I can keep up to date on my blog without spending too much time on the computer.

I'll be back. . . . .