Tuesday, July 31, 2007

15 month check-up

It's hard for us to believe that Lucy is already 15 months! She had her check-up today and is basically healthy. She weighs 19 lbs 9 oz. and is 29 inches long. She is a feisty, busy little thing! Lucy needed 3 shots and Norah had to have one (she was behind on one shot after switching doctors a year and a half ago). Lucy got over her shots very quickly - one cookie and she forgot why she had been crying. Norah, however, cried and cried and said she couldn't move her arm (this went on for about an hour).

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Whirlwind Weekend

Wow! It seems like every weekend goes by so quickly, especially when we are out of town! We are glad to be home, but we had a nice weekend. The girls had fun with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ed. We basically played and played and played! Kevin and I went out for dinner and did a little shopping on Friday night. It is so nice to go out and not have to pay a babysitter!!!

We went to see Kevin's grandma on Saturday and Lucy all of the sudden started repeating whole words!! Grandma Bobbie always has little cookies for the kids - Lucy kept saying "cookie, cookie" and signing "please." She said bell and pizza. We'll see if she continues to say some of those words.

The girls played in the little wading pool in Ed & Linda's backyard. Lucy preferred playing on the outside reaching in.

Kevin and his dad went to the Brickyard 400 yesterday. There were a lot of cautions making the race take awhile, so we headed home a little later than we had thougt. We made it, though! We got home about 10:00. The girls traveled very well, considering Norah didn't sleep and Lucy only slept about an hour!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Little Mermaid

Norah finished swimming lessons tonight! She now thinks she is officially Ariel! She is now quite confident in the water - although, she won't go under deeper than her mouth.

We swam with some friends (& babysitters) today. Lucy loves the water, too! She loves hanging out in her floaty - probably could have fallen asleep with someone pushing her around! After an afternoon of swimming, both girls took GREAT naps - a mother's dream afternoon!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Update

The girls and I spent a good part of yesterday at my sister's. (Ryan is 3 months older than Norah and Will is 6 months younger than Lucy.) The kids had fun playing together. Lucy spent most of the time getting into things! Story of my life! My sister had a baby carseat sitting in the front room - Lucy wouldn't stay out of it. She climbed in with her blankie at one point and her milk at another. Who would have guessed that the carsear would be such great entertainment?

With us out of the way, Kevin finally got some work done in the basement bathroom!

Today was a normal church day - both girls screaming as we dropped them off! Norah was bribed with a doughnut before church and a cookie after church!

Kevin went to a men's golf scramble for church today! Although I have reminded Norah multiple times that he is golfing, she still can't understand why he would go to work on a Sunday. Silly girl! The girls and I all napped! Yea! My kitchen is a mess, but, hey, I feel great!

Well, now we begin preparing for a crazy week!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Here we go . . . . .

This is my first blog - my brothers will be proud since I am not very computer savvy!

Anyway, with most of our families living out of town, we figured this is a great way to keep everyone updated on our daily adventures! And adventures we will have! Most days we live in the land of princesses (and kings - when Kevin is around). Norah dresses up EVERY day! Oh, yes, we also must dress Lucy up, too!!

My parents were in town today, then headed to my sister's (she lives in Barnhart, Mo - about an hour from here). The girls and I went out to lunch with them. Norah was great and loved every minute of it - especially the ice cream Grandpa Steve gave her. Lucy, however, is not at the best age to eat out. She throws the food she doesn't like - which drove Grandpa crazy - and screeches when someone else has something she wants (like ice cream). For these reasons, Kevin and I prefer carry out!!

Please feel free to make comments as I add posts!!