Sunday, December 20, 2009

11 Months

Wow! The last month has FLOWN by! I feel like I just wrote this post.

Here is Daphne at 11 months:
Not exactly what I want to remember, but thankfully she has recovered quickly!

Daphne was 16 lbs, 1 oz last week at the doctor. Sometimes she does great with her bottle, sometimes she has NO interest. She was doing great with her finger food, but after not eating for a couple of days, she has gotten a little lazy. She prefers to have us hold her bottle and spoon feed her. We were basically done with baby food - until she got sick. Oh, well. She is not a big fan of the sippy cup. Daphne usually takes a drink and throws it and since we don't do no-spill sippies, this is getting quite messy.

Daphne's newest skill is standing without holding on. She hasn't taken any steps yet, but she can stand for several minutes all by herself! She continues to cruise on all of the furniture.

Daphne prefers to be with her sisters. If they are downstairs and she is upstairs, she will crawl to the basement door and bang on it and cry.

We are working on some Baby Sign with Daphne. Right now she just smiles when I sign and then sign hand-over-hand with her.

Just like Norah and Lucy, Daphne is a GREAT sleeper. She sleeps about 12+ hours a night and she takes 2 good naps a day. We are thankful for 3 great sleepers!!

We are excited about Daphne's first Christmas, although, I don't think it will mean much to her!!

I know the next month with fly by and I will be posting birthday pictures!! Agh!!