Monday, December 7, 2009

More Sickness

I was hoping to post about all the great things that I got accomplished over the weekend because Kevin took Norah and Lucy to Indy to see his parents. However, my plans changed drastically when Daphne needed to go the the ER in the middle of the night on Friday night. She was barking/coughing and gasping for air - all of this came on very suddenly because she was totally fine during the day on Friday. As it turns out she has croup. Blah. I spent most of the weekend snuggling and rocking a very unhappy baby. I actually thought she was starting to feel better yesterday, but then she started rubbing her ear so I just knew something else was going on.

I took Daphne back to the doctor today and she has an ear infection, too. Lovely. She has been fussier today than all weekend!! Hopefully after 24 hours on the meds she will start feeling better!! I have a feeling this is only the beginning, though. It seems to be a Swinigan trait - the ear infections. Norah and Lucy both have tubes (Norah had 2 sets) and my niece and nephew also had tubes.

Side note: When they weighed Daphne at the doctor today she weighed 16 lbs so she has gained almost a half a pound since her 9 month check up. Maybe she will be 17 lbs by her birthday.

I did get all the presents (that I have) wrapped and under the tree. I cleaned out my laundry room during Daphne's naps - which was a HUGE job. Seriously, it was a dangerous place. Anytime I opened the door I had to duck to make sure nothing fell on my head and whenever I had a dry load of clothes, I had to lift the basket over my head to get it out of there!!

I was hoping to get some scrapbooking done, but was unsuccessful. I have everything out on the dining room table so I am going to try to work a little bit this week. I would love to have Daphne's baby book up to date before she turns one (I have 2 pages done).

Hopefully, I will get more down (and more rest too) next weekend. I still have about 1/3 of my shopping to do.

How about you? Anyone totally done with their shopping? Anyone not even started?


K.M.L said...

Hope she is feeling better soon!!!!

Erin K. said...

Sorry to hear that Daphne is sick! Especially with a trip to the emergency room thrown into the mix - yuck.

I got three more Christmas gifts crossed off my list today while shopping at Target over my lunch hour. I really don't want to be a working mom any more, but I do treasure my daily lunch where I have one entire, glorious hour to do what I want. I mostly end up running errands. Funny how your perspective changes - I never thought I would see running errands all by myself as a reason to celebrate. :-)

Anyway, I have three more gifts to go and those will get knocked out at a jewelry party next Monday. Yay!

I hope Daphne feels better soon!

Katie said...

Ugh.....I feel your pain Heather, everytime I turn around it seems like Nolan isn't feeling well & it usually ends up being an ear infection! Gotta love the Dr.'s office.;) Hopefully you guys can stay healthy for a too!

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Oh no! We've totally been there and know how it goes. Morgan had croup last winter with two trips to the ER, and already once this year (and she is coughing a lot the last few days again, so hopefully it won't turn into it again!) Hope she feels better soon. Poor Baby! (The ear infection on top of it has to make her miserable!)