Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

Heather's Nablopomo schedule includes Top 10 Tuesday. I thought I would participate with this one!!

10 things I LOVE about homeschooling:
1. Having school in our jammies
2. Having school with 2 princess - crowns, feather boas and all!
3. Doing all of our school work outside on beautiful days
4. Field trips together as a family and with our friends!
5. Being able to go out of town during the week - and still getting our school work finished!
6. Watching the girls learn/explore together!
7. Totally changing our lesson plans to explore an new found interest
8. Getting excited with the girls when we discover something new
9. Doing our science lessons with daddy while camping or hiking
10. Snuggling with my girls while reading a good book in the middle of the day