Thursday, November 19, 2009

TFT: Christmas Trees

Just curious to know:

When do you set up your Christmas tree each year?

What traditions are involved in setting up your tree?

When do you take your tree down?


Nicole said...

Set up is usually the week after Thanksgiving whenever we have time. Matt sets up the tree, I put on the lights while listening to Christmas music, and the boys come in and help decorate after that.

The boys take turns being the one who puts the star on top!

We usually keep it up until around New Year's.

Sarah G said...

Good questions! We put up our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving typically. This year we'll put it up on that Saturday. The last three years since Lily has been old enough to help with the ornaments we set up the tree while she is napping so it's already to be decorated when she wakes up. Lily LOVES helping put on the ornaments each year and helping me put up the Christmas decorations. It's fun to see both girls faces come down stairs after rest time to the tree set up minus ornaments. This will be the third year we've done a fake tree. A few years ago we had a not so good experience with a real one and I've need a "real" tree break. The fake one is nice and easy.
We listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and have fun telling Lily about where the ornaments all came from. Growing up my parents gave each of us kids an ornament every year at xmas. When I got married my mom packed all mine up for me to take and put on my own tree. We've been doing the same thing with our girls each year.
This year after we get the tree set up and Evalyn back in bed we plan to watch Elf. It is Lily's favorite Xmas movie so it's kind of become our family tradition the last few years to watch it after we get the tree set up.
We usually take the tree down sometime the week after New Years.

ErinL said...

We do ours in early December. We listen to Christmas music and our big tradition is to discuss the stories behind the ornaments. Some of our ornaments are from when we were children, others were bought to signify something significant that happened that year in our lives. We ooooohhh and aaaaahhh over the favorites that we haven't seen for a year and tell the boys stories about the situation in our lives that led to getting some of the ornaments. The big deal is putting up the nativity scene and setting each person and animal just right. Now we travel for Christmas which is something we had never needed to do before so we take out tree down at the first opportunity after we get home which has tended to be right before New Years.

sara luke said...

Put it up on Thanksgivingish. No traditions . . . yet. We take it down New Year's Day. Although the first year we were married, I kid you not, it stayed up until February.