Sunday, November 29, 2009


A few weeks ago Kevin mentioned to me that he LOVES monopoly and can't believe that we don't have it. We have been married 9 1/2 years and I had NO idea that he loves monopoly. He went out that night and bought it. We have played a handful of times in the last few weeks. I have never been a big fan of monopoly - I am just not a risk taker. I hold onto my money - fearing that I will lose it all if I buy too many properties.

We played last night after the girls went to bed and this is what our board looked like close to the end of the game:

He has VERY little money left and has mortgaged most of his properties. I on the other had have a number of houses and a lot of money.

Kevin took one more turn and landed on a property of mine with 3 houses. He had to pay me close to $800 - but couldn't afford it. I'm now wondering if it is still one of his favorite games!! Ha!


Sarah G said...

How fun! We don't own monopoly either. This is the best time of year to play games.

Unknown said...

I can't believe he went right out & bought it--he should have put it on his Christmas list!

Ryan said...

heather and i have been looking to play that...sounds like a game night!