Monday, September 22, 2008

Night One - Breaking the Habit

Well, we decided to try to break the girls' habits of finger-sucking.  Tonight is the first night.  We have been talking about it for about 10 days so they knew it was coming.  We decided not to take their blankets away.  I don't think it would matter with Lucy, but with Norah we'll have to see.  Her finger-sucking has almost always been triggered by something/anything silky.  

They both are wearing pink gloves with athletic tape around the wrists.  So far - it hasn't been too bad (knock on wood).  They were both EXHAUSTED today.  They had MDO and didn't nap (Norah doesn't nap very often anymore, but seems to need one every so often).  We read several books and after rubbing back for awhile, we shut their doors by 7:15.  Lucy started crying right away - no surprise.  Norah started crying, but when Kevin went up there to talk to here, she was upset because one glove needed to be fixed on her fingers.  That was the last we heard from her.  Both girls were asleep by 7:45!  I know Lucy sucks her finger often throughout the night (every time I get up to go the bathroom - several times these days - I hear her).  I anticipate Lucy being awake in the night - but we'll see.  Here they are - sleeping angels!!


Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

Gloves still on by morning?

Dan and Amanda said...

yeah! Did they sleep all night? :)