Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of Mother's Day Out

Yesterday was the girls' first day of MDO. They were both very excited to go, but once we got there, Lucy was very hesitant. We dropped Norah off first and she walked right in and hung her backpack in her cubby. Lucy cried when I dropped her off. It was like the drama scene that Norah used to put on, it was more of the silent tears with her lip sticking out.
Both girls seemed to have a good day. Lucy didn't nap and had an accident. When I picked her up, she was sort of crying - probably exhaustion!
I banned myself from the computer yesterday because I have this goal to be VERY productive while both girls are gone. I went grocery shopping right after I dropped them off and then I cleaned my house. I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom. Between the grocery shopping, cleaning and washing sheets, the day flew by much too quickly!!


Kay Bratt said...

Wow--that was a productive day. I'll have to try banning myself over the weekends...maybe I'll get my house clean, too!

Just hoppin' through.