Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooking on Thursday

For our cooking project yesterday, Norah and I made Chicken Alfredo Pizza. This is one of Kevin's favorite things to eat. He occassionally gets it at Olive Garden or Uno's Pizza, but we decided to attempt to make it at home.

I should add - for anyone interested in making this - that it is NOT a healthy recipe. I often try to make a recipe healthier, but since this was my first time making this, I decided to make it just as the recipe says. Also, it is pretty time consuming and messy - there are quite a few steps.

I made the dough for the pizza crust while the girls played, then let it rise while we put Lucy down for a nap.

Norah was an excellent helper and I'm sure she will be a great cook someday. I never tell Norah to pose or smile for most pictures, but she does anyway - even when I am looking for an "action" shot.

I forgot to take a picture after I baked it. It turned out really well. Next time I will add a little more seasoning to the crust - it was slightly bland.