Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Pictures

Not a whole lot going on here - worth blogging about, that is, so here are some random pictures of the girls over that last couple of weeks.

Norah's little caterpillar friend. She has found several in our backyard and insists on carrying them around for awhile.

Norah and Lucy are wearing dresses that my sister and I wore when we were about their same ages. My mom made the dresses for Easter one year, I think.

Norah doesn't nap everyday, but she does have a rest time. Often after playing for awhile, she crashes where ever she is. She has her quilt on the floor and she is lying on top.

On this day, Norah fell asleep in her beanbag - doesn't look to comfy to me, but whatever works.

Lucy's crazy morning hair!! This is actually not the worst it can be - but I usually forget to take a picture of her in the morning.


Alison said...

I think the pink looks much better on Norah than it did on me! You should find a picture of us to compare.

K.M.L said...

The dresses on the girls are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

I did make those dresses for Easter in 1981. I was very pregnant with Rick. Heather and Alison both got the chicken pox and weren't able to wear the dresses to church. It was an Easter I'll always remember.