Sunday, May 11, 2008

Big Girl Bed

After much deliberation, we decided to put Lucy in a big girl bed - well, just a twin mattress on the floor. Last time we were out of town and Lucy slept in the pack n play, she DID NOT sleep very well. She woke up multiple times - she is just getting too long. Also, we have seen her attempt to climb out - with little success, but we don't want to wait until she hurts herself.
Kevin took the crib down and bought a mattress. She has been talking about it for a couple of weeks - so when he got home, she shouted, "Daddy home! Yea, big girl bed!"
The transition was pretty easy with Norah, she didn't try to get out for about 2 months - she would just call for us if she woke up. I think it may be a different story with Lucy.
We read stories in her bed girl and she laid down so Kevin could take her picture (all of which are blurry), but as soon as we shut the door she started screaming! We thought we would just give her a few minutes to see if she settles down. After a couple of minutes we heard her at the top of the stairs - umm, we didn't know she could open doors. Kevin laid down with her for awhile, but she just wanted to play and be silly.
So she is in her room - crying and yelling, "Daddy, come up now! Mommy, help me! I go out now!" All this over and over. She will get quiet for a few minutes, then it starts all over. She may end up sleeping on the floor. It will be my turn to go up in a few minutes.
I'll update tomorrow.


heather said...

Oooh... fun, fun!
Good luck you guys!!

We have bed rails if you want to borrow them... even though Sawyer's bed is on the floor, we used them the first couple of weeks. I felt like they helped give him some "boundaries" and kept him in bed just a little better than nothing...

We're having a fun transition ourselves over here tonight... we got rid of the pacifier last week. He's gotten over the crying for it, and now we're just down to it taking an hour for him to fall asleep at night... it's 8:40 right now and I can still hear him up there!!