Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lucy

Does every mom start birthday blogs with this statement? I can't believe my baby is 2! I honestly don't know where the last 2 years have gone. It feels like just last week Lucy was a baby! Looking back to May 1, 2006, brings a few tears - probably normal for most moms, but we had a rough start with Lucy. I was scheduled for a c-section at 8:15 a.m., but when we went at 6 to prep for surgery, the nurses couldn't detect Lucy's heartbeat. They did an ultrasound and all of the sudden I was being rushed to the O.R. for an emergency c-section. Lucy was not breathing when she was born. The doctor started to intubate her (we are all still in the O.R. - my doctor was stitching me up), but pulled the tube out to try again, as she pulled the tube out, Lucy started breathing. Praise the Lord! Lucy spent the next 36 hours in the NICU - since I had a c-section, it was very hard for me to go see her.

By the grace of God, here we are 2 years later - and she is perfectly healthy.

Now, let me tell you about my little Lucy. She is a comedian. She lives for making people laugh - especially people she knows very well. If Norah is grumpy or sad, Lucy will do whatever she can to make Norah happy. This may involve walking silly, talking silly, or maybe sticking things in her ears.

As stated in previous posts, Lucy likes to talk, I mean LOVES to talk. Her language is great for a 2-year old. Her speech is pretty good, too, but there are still a handful of words that we don't always understand. Some of the phrases that we hear on a regular basis are: alright, annoying, I do (often she means I am), mocagycle (motorcycle), big girl baby, and after potty (I often tell her we can do something after she goes potty)

When we ask her how old she is, she holds up 5 fingers and says 3.

She is counting and usually gets to 9 pretty quickly. Sometimes she forgets 1, but once I say 1 she continues on to 9. She is also learning to count in Spanish so sometimes she throws in a Spanish number in place of an English one.

Lucy's favorite book right now is the Little People Let's Go To the Zoo. We read this over and over!

She also loves to mimic Norah. She often repeats everything Norah says and does - sometimes driving Norah crazy.

She loves to dress up and play with baby dolls. A recent favorite is to pretend she is a puppy. She crawls around barking, panting, and licking people.

Lucy is a snuggler. She loves hugs and cuddles. Often when one of us carries her somewhere, she wraps her legs all around our waists and her arms around our necks.

She is a sweet, happy baby, I mean little girl. We are so thankful God gave her to us!

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Okay, so this picture needs some explanation. The girls were "playing school" and she put on Norah's shoes, her jacket and back pack and said to me "Bye, Mom. Love you!"


Nicole said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl! I LOVED the talking comments from the last post. So cute!

Katie said...

Awwww...happy birthday!! Love all the baby pics.