Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Child Visits

I took Norah and Daphne to the doctor today for well-child visits - Norah's 5 year and Daphne's 2 month.  I thought I was being smart by scheduling them at the same time so I only had to make one trip to the doctor.  In the end it was NOT a good idea because both girls needed shots.  I'll start with their stats. 

Norah's weight: 32 pounds, 10th%
height: 40 1/4 inches, 10th%

Daphne's weight:  10 pounds 2.5 ounces, 25th% (I thought she would only be 9 something!!)
length: 22 3/4 inches, 50th% (the doctor actually said, "What?  Swinigan babies aren't that long!")

Daphne did great!  She smiled and cooed at the doctor.  She screamed during her shots, but go over it quickly.  Later in the afternoon, however, she screamed non-stop!!  I spent the entire afternoon rocking her and walking her around, but she continued to scream.  She finally settled down in the car on the way to pick up Norah and Lucy from MDO.

I didn't tell Norah she was getting shots until we were in the car on the way to the doctor.  I think she thought I had tricked her into getting in the car.  She said, "You didn't tell me I needed shots!"  

She acted very shy with the nurses and they had to take her out of the room to do her hearing and vision test because she wouldn't cooperate with me in the room.  

When the doctor asked her if she was going to kindergarten next year, she said, "no."  I explained that we are homeschooling.

When it was time for Norah's shots, she started screaming and wiggling in my lap BEFORE the nurse even started giving her any shots.  After the first one, Norah was screaming at the top of her lungs, "I don't want anymore shots!  Don't give me anymore shots!! No more!  No more!"  It actually took a nurse and me to hold her still while the other nurse gave Norah her shots.  After the shots, Norah acted like her arms were broken.  She just held her arms stiff at her sides and climbed into her carseat without using her arms.  She really calmed down fairly quickly, but WOW, those nurses earned their pay today! 

Note to self:  If more than one child is getting shots, schedule their appointments at different times!!!


heather said...

Wow, I was just saying to Ryan last night, talking about our zoo trip with you guys and that I had lifted Norah to look at something and chuckled to myself that I bet she's lighter than Sawyer. Um she is! Sawyer was 33lbs in November!! HA!

That's funny (or not funny- sorry) how upset she was over the shot. Did you at least tell her she's done for awhile?!!

Kyle Luke said...

Jack and Norah are the same weight . . . that's crazy!

Dan and Amanda said...

Shots are so much worse when they're older and know what's coming!!!