Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Norah

Today is Norah's 5th birthday!! The last 5 years have really flown by - it seems like just yesterday she was as little as Daphne!!

Norah is a very passionate little girl! She puts her whole self into everything she does!! She has an incredible imagination and loves to pretend!

Over the last year, Norah has started reading. She reads a number of Step Into Reading books with little help. She is developing a love for writing! She writes notes to us all the time - espcially to Lucy.

Norah has a fascination with skirts right now. She wants to wear one every day. If for some reason I don't let her wear a skirt, she wears a dress up skirt or dress.

She is a great big sister! She plays very well with Lucy and loves to interact with Daphne! She wants to hug and kiss on her sisters all the time.

Norah has had several little parties this year - one with the Swinigan's, one with part of the Leitch side, and one with us today. She is also having a little tea party with friends later this week.

I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight - she replied, "Breakfast for dinner, like pancakes."  Like father, like daughter!  

God has really blessed us with Norah and we can't wait to see what He has in store for us over the next year!!


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We have a present over here for'll be waiting until we get to see you (hopefully next week!). My boys saw it and said "Who is THAT for?" so you know it's something girly!

heather said...

Savannah was reminding me all day it was Norah's birthday! Sounds like a great day :)
See you guys later this week!

(love the new pic you have in your banner too... Norah looks so grown up! So fitting for her birthday!!)

Dan and Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Norah! :) It was great seeing you all this weekend. Don't forget to let us know next time you head to Indy!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

Happy Birthday Sweet thing. Love, Mike, Melissa, Ryder, and COle