Thursday, March 5, 2009

She CAN. NOT. Be. Trusted!

In Daphne's room, that is.  Lucy has become a pacifier thief!  If we can't find a paci, she usually knows where some extras are - but they must be washed first because they have probably been in her mouth.  In case you don't recall - or are a new reader to my blog - Lucy doesn't even take a paci.  She sucks her fingers.  She has some weird fascination with Daphne's pacifiers!!!  There is always atleast one paci in Daphne's bed - usually because when she wakes up she is happy and doesn't need the paci.

We have learned that if we don't hear/see Lucy for a while, she is probably is Daphne's room.  Today, the girls wanted to go outside so I sent Lucy upstairs to get socks while I pulled Norah's hair up.  After about 2 minutes I decided to make sure she was obeying.  I called up the stairs and asked Lucy if she was in Daphne's room.  She said no, however, I did not believe her so I asked her what she was doing.  She said, "I have a paci in my bed."  Translation - I WAS in Daphne's room, but now I am in my room with the stolen paci.  The only paci in Daphne's bed is the one that was in her mouth when I put her in bed.  (Lucy told me later that the paci was actually in Daphne's mouth anymore.)  Daphne had been sleeping soundly for about 45 minutes and probably wasn't going to wake up for another 30 minutes or so.  
I remind her not to take the paci's out of Daphne's bed and send her outside.  
Meanwhile, Daphne starts crying hard so I go upstairs to check on her.  She usually sleeps on a lap pad in her crib so when she spits up or pees out, I just have to change the lap pad - not the sheet every time.  When I check Daphne, she and the lap pad are scrunched up in the corner of the crib - meaning Lucy grabbed the lap pad and pulled it towards her so she could reach the paci.
Lucy ended up in time out, but really doesn't care.  The temptation is just too great - she will gladly take the punishment.  


Nicole said...

oh, lucy. when you're not the parent, this is a funny story. when you're dealing with it and feeling the need to lock daphne in her room, i'm sure it's not!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

Such cute pics below. Daphne is such a cutie. You have your hands full or should I say Kevin has his hands full with 3 girls.

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness. Yes, we are laughing at the story, but only because we are not the ones dealing with it. I'm sure Morgan will never be that way with a new sibling someday. (Hehe, yeah right!)