Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I tend to worry a little when the girls sleep in later than normal - thinking one of them is getting sick.  Now, don't get your hopes up - Lucy was still up extra early this morning!!  It is 9 and Norah is still sleeping.  I realize with the time change that her body thinks it is 8, but even 8 is late for her these days when her 2 year sister wakes her everyday!! 

I am hoping she is just catching up on some MUCH needed sleep!  We had our small group Bible study at our house last night and with the time change we let the girls stay up later.  We have a new couple, Ric and Liz, who started last night and they have a 2 year old little girl who came to play too!  

We don't have anywhere to go today - so Norah can sleep as late as she wants!!


Lizzie said...

Hi Heather!
I got to your blog from Gina's blog, and was reading your post about homeschooling...
I am a licensed Kindermusik eduator, and wondered if you had ever looked into doing Kindermusik with your girls? It's the best music and movement program I've ever encountered, and there are classes that would suit each of your girls, even Daphne... If you go to www.kindermusik.com, you can find a class near you. Just thought I'd mention it...my kids LOVE it, and they've learned a lot more than music from it...counting, gross/fine motor, expressive language, critical thinking, audiation, and even foreign language--not to mention steady beat and pitch recognition.
Hope things go well this year with homeschooling! :) And congrats on your beautiful little new one!

Elizabeth Wotring-Nelson