Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Family . . drawn by Norah

Here are a couple of pictures Norah drew recently.  Obviously, with 5 people (including the baby) we are too big of a family for one piece of paper.  

This first picture is Norah and Lucy.  When we asked her why she had a sad face, she responded, "Can't you see that Lucy is hitting me?"
Nice, huh?
This is Kevin and the baby - nothing too exciting, but prepare yourself for the next one.
This is me.  I realize that I am pregant, but I didn't think I was that big.  I'm almost 32 weeks and have gained about 17 pounds - do I really need a WHOLE page for myself.  And if you remember right, the baby is in the previous picture.  It looks as if I will have my work cut out for me losing the baby weight.
Side note:  Norah also told me yesterday that I "looked really big" in the shirt I was wearing.  


ErinL said...

Your girls never fail to make me laugh! The frown face from being hit by the sibling with the big grin looks just like something my boys would draw!

Nicole said...

oh, hilarious! i can see the hitting picture being drawn in our house for sure.

and i'm sure you aren't that big! :) but it makes for a funny picture. are you lying down or just propping yourself up with your arm?

Katie said...

This just made me laugh a lot. a lot. I keep looking at it again and laughing more.

Unknown said...

These are adorable!! LOVED the one w/ Lucy "hitting" Norah . . . and, of course, what can I say about her vision of your pregnancy?! Golly, maybe she'll have to draw you on a half-sheet of posterboard by the time you're full term!! :)