Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barbie Dolls

So the girls are getting a doll house for Christmas.  It is one of those 4 ft doll houses for "fashion" dolls.  As in fashion - I think that basically is a Barbie or something of the same size.  I'm not sure that I am ready for the girls to play with Barbie dolls - after all, they are only 4 and 2.  However, I don't know what other dolls to get them.  Any of the doll houses at Toys R Us that come with dolls are quite a bit littler - I don't think they could even sit in the furniture .  There are the High School Musical dolls that are the same size as the Barbies, but I think I would prefer a "family."  

I am looking for opinions.  Do your 4 year olds play with Barbies?  Any suggestions for other dolls?  


heather said...

Savannah still doesn't have any "Barbies"... she has the disney princess version. I'm not a fan of Barbie so young, but for some reason with the idea of princesses it didn't seem so bad. Like princesses are just kind of fantasy anyway so I felt like the doll wasn't such an ideal, wish I could have a body like Barbie kind of thing.

I think Barbies are fine... as long as you choose them for now, you know, like the outfits and stuff. Plus, it'd be easy to make the family... you can find a cute simple Barbie, and then a Ken doll and the kids. Savannah has two of the little girl Island Princess barbie dolls and she loves to play with those.
Oh, and there are Barbie pets!! haha!

I don't really know of any bigger dollhouse kind of dolls, but I'll keep my eye out!

Dan and Amanda said...

Mallory LOVES Barbies. Probably b/c Maddy plays with them. She also has small Princess figurines: Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan...ALL of them and plays with them constantly. They're great!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

No, Ryder doesn't play with Barbies. :) My mom just tried to sell my Barbie Doll House with all the furniture. She was hoping for a granddaughter so I guess she has decided to sell my toys now.

Nicole said...

I don't have daughters, but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to buy them Barbie dolls.

When I was younger I played with Barbies ALL the time... they were one of my favorite toys.(and I still have a whole box of them in our attic!) I know a lot of controversy around Barbie is the whole body image thing (and I'll agree... there are some pretty whore-ish dolls out there!) but I honestly never remember once thinking "Oh I wish I had a body like Barbie!" I think as long as you're buying decent clothing for the dolls, they're great make believe toys!

Now Bratz dolls on the other hand.... GAG!

Nicole said...

BTW... love the dollhouse!!

Heather S. said...

Thanks for all your opinions! Nicole - I'm totally with you, (just hadn't thought of it) I never once thought about wanting a body like Barbie's.

Alison said...

I remember when I received a Barbie house one year. Don't remember if it was for my birthday or Christmas. I just remember Mom telling me that she and her club friends came into my room one night while I was sleeping to play with it. I guess that means you are never too old to play with Barbies!

Seriously, the girls love their dolls. Do they question why each of them is different? If you get a Barbie and Skipper (is that the little sister) and let them use other dolls to play with the house, is it really so much Barbie as it is just playing with their dolls?

I just know that you took better care of your Barbies that I did mine.