Sunday, June 8, 2008

THIS was on my front porch!

I had just put the girls to bed. Kevin was at the Dave Matthews Band concert at Busch Stadium. I was going to go out front to water my plants and as I was walking through the dining room, I looked out the window and saw this!

I had to gently pull back the curtain and when I took the picture the bird flew away. I didn't water my flowers, though. I was a little freaked out. My watering waited until this morning.

I have a lot to post about Norah's dance recital, but I need to gather my thoughts so that will be another day.


Alison said...

Ryan wants to write Norah a note.

ryan l
ryan l

Kyle Luke said...

Holy cow . . . that's a huge bird!

Nicole said...

what the heck kind of bird is that!?!

Heather S. said...

We think it is a hawk. Norah found one of its feathers in the backyard. We made her SCRUB her hands after touching it and then I threw it away.

Alison said...

I showed Matt the picture. He said it is a hawk, but would need to dig out his bird book to figure out what kind.

Will liked the "birdie".