Saturday, June 28, 2008


We took the girls swimming today. The girls have been taking swimming lessons and we thought we should get to the pool and "practice." Most of the subdivisions here have subdivision pools - not ours, though. The girls are comfortable in the water - as long as they don't have to get their faces wet. In Norah's class she has to confidently put her face in the water in order to move up to the next class. We are in no hurry for her to move up if she isn't ready - but it would be nice if she wasn't afraid to get her face wet. I think if we swam more often (like if we had a subdivision pool) - they would both be more comfortable.
Lucy doesn't mind if she gets water in her face as long as you don't tell her. When she jumps in, she if fine if her face goes under - but she would never intentionally go under.
Anyway, we got to the pool about 11:00 and stayed until 1. The sun was out until about noon - then it looked like it could rain and it was fairly cool - 80 degrees. The girls didn't mind, though. Norah still would put her face under or jump in without holding our hands, but she did get more water splashed in her face. We have 2 more days of swim lessons, so we'll see how they end up.