Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Beautiful Day, The Zoo, and a Baseball Game

We have had some beautiful weather! The girls and I were planning on going to Jackson's baseball game today, and since they live about 5 minutes from the zoo, I decided today would be a great day for an outing.

We headed to the zoo about 1:30. About 30 minutes after we got to the zoo, we ran into our good friends, the Harper's. Norah and Kate are good friends from church. It was a fun surprise to run into them. We spent the next couple of hours walking around with them, until they needed to leave.

We saw the baby giraffe - so cute!! The ostrich wouldn't leave the baby alone - the mommy giraffe finally put an end to the pestering and pushed the ostrich out of the way. The girls thought that was hilarious!!

Jackson did a great job playing baseball! He is great at hitting! Norah and Lucy were so glad to get to see him play. They also enjoyed playing with Janelle!

We are all exhausted - but we had a great day!!