Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is to piggyback Nicole's post last week. Let me give you some background information. Last night as we were going to bed, I said, "Should we set an alarm for tomorrow?" Kevin's response is "I'm sure Lucy will be up early." So I did not set an alarm.
In the midst of a dream, Kevin nudges me and says, "It's 7:45." We need to leave our house by 8:40 in order to get to church to get the girls to their classes and us to the service on time. We rushed around to get ready. The only thing that really takes time is Lucy going poopy. She has to sit for about 10 minutes or so and needs several books in order to go. If we don't give her time after breakfast to just sit and go, she will go in her underwear. We took turns reading her stories this morning while we finished getting ourselves and Norah ready. After she FINALLY went I rushed the girls out the door in plenty of time.
It was unusually cold outside and the girls had sleeveless dresses on. Lucy shivered a bit and Norah whined about the cold. Kevin carried Lucy to her class and I took Norah to hers. When we met up in the hallway, Kevin says with a smile, "Lucy was going commando." My response is "WHAT?!" He had gotten her off the potty this morning and sent her out to me - both thinking the other put her underwear on. He said he noticed when he picked her up and felt her bare bottom on his arm.
Thankfully, I had plenty of extra underwear in her bag. No wonder she shivered outside. Makes me wonder if anyone noticed her little bare bottom as he carried her to her class.


Alison said...

At least there were extra panties! Would love to know what Lucy thought!

Erin said...

Oh don't feel bad! My parents did this with my little sister and realized it ON THE WAY HOME from church!

Kyle Luke said...

That is so, so funny!

Nicole said...

hilarious! this happened to some friends of my parents' years ago...except their daughter was like 5 and they realized it midway through church!

Dan and Amanda said...

Funny! This spring we flew to Florida. Mallory had to potty while we were in the plane. I took her, she peed, I picked her up washed her hands and ushered her out the door and up the isle. A woman tapped me on the arm and told me I had for gotten to pull up her pants. Poor child was walking (waddling) "commando" up the isle of the airplane!!!!! I felt like and idiot!