Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pumpkin Festival

We spent the last several days in Morton for the annual Pumpkin Festival! It is fun every year for us to go to my parents for the parade and all the festivities. Norah and Ryan are at great ages to enjoy everything - well, most everything. Norah was not a big fan of the mini - rollercoaster. Actually, she screamed her head off. She also was not a big fan of the crowds and the noise.

Wednesday afternoon we went to Ackerman Farms to check out the pumpkins and animals. Lucy has gotten very good at barking, however, she barks at all animals - not just dogs.

Wednesday night Denise, Contessa, Norah and I went to the Pumpkin Princess Pagent. I thought Norah would love it, but she was a little overwhelmed with all the people. The little girls were very cute. We went for ice cream, then headed home. Max and Denise live just a couple of blocks from downtown - where the PF takes place - so we parked at their house whenever we went down.

Thursday morning, I had breakfast with a friend while my mom watched the girls. Later Alison and the boys came to town so the kids hung out and enjoyed being together. Kevin also came into town (on the train) on Thursday night. The girls were very glad to see him!!

Friday, Norah, Ryan, and Will went to the park with Grandma Jackie and Alison. Rick joined then later for lunch - apparently Norah talked his ear off. Kevin, Denise, Contessa, Lucy and I went to Peoria to pick up Denise's car (it died on Max earlier in the week). We grabbed lunch then headed home.

Friday evening, Kevin, Norah, Alison, Ryan, Denise, Contessa and I went to the PF. The kids rode some rides and checked out the pumpkins in the pumpkin decorating contest. We grabbed the famous pork chops from the food tent and headed home until the kids went to bed. Denise, Max, Kevin and I headed back to the PF for a little while. I am a total wimp these days when it comes to rides. We rode the Pharoah's Furry (which took 2 tickets per person so basically $18 for all 4 of us) and I thought I might puke. I didn't, but others said I was a wimp because I closed my eyes and held on as tight as I could. LOL. I enjoyed a piece of pumpkin pie before heading back. Kevin had a pumpkin cookie and Denise had pumpkin ice cream.

This morning was the 10K. My goal was 62 minutes and we ran it is 59:30! My legs are tired and sore now, but I am glad we did it. Kevin was great to stay with me - I don't know that I could have kept the same pace the whole time. We headed to my parents for pumpkin pancakes and then we were off to the parade. The kids collected way to much candy. Ryan was much more aggressive at catching candy, but he was very kind to share with Norah.

We had lunch at my grandma's and then headed home. The girls traveled very well today. Kevin went to the Cardinal game tonight. Tomorrow, after church, we are going to have a very lazy day!!


AliRae said...

Ry wants to know if Norah has eaten all of her candy yet. We only took about 1/3 of it home. Ryan has eaten a few pieces of his. His favorite has been the smiley face gum balls.

Franki said...

Congrats on your race, Heather!! Way to go...coming in under goal and everything!
I am SO looking forward to going to the pumpkin patches this fall. Your blog has me craving some pumpkin pie and cookies (of course, with cream cheese icing!).

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Congrats on your 10K!! That's awesome! If you can do a 10K, you can do a half...

Are you signing up for the frostbite series in Forest Park?