Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is it Fall or Summer - I don't know!!

Yesterday, the girls and I had to deliver Usborne books to my sister in Clayton and Kevin's brother's child care center in Richmond Heights. Since we were making the hike into "the city," we went to the zoo first. I LOVE going to the zoo during the week, during the school year because it is never busy!! It was warmer than I expected, but the girls had a blast. Lucy was totally excited about the elephants and the giraffes - I think she actually recognized them from some books. Norah's favorite thing was the primate house. There were 2 monkeys chasing each other and she thought that was hilarious. After we delivered the books, we went to lunch with my sister. After multiple diaper changes - we finally headed home about 1:30. Lucy slept on the way home for about 30 minutes and Norah did not sleep at all. I convinced Norah to nap when we got home, but Lucy was apparently done napping.

We had 2 babysitters (sisters) come over last night while Kevin and I went to the Cardinal game. Ummm . . . what's the deal with our Cardinals? The game was not very exciting - the pretzels were great, though! When we got home the babysitters said that Norah was asking to go to bed around 8 - it had been a long day!

This morning we went to Eckerts in Belleville. Again it was warmer than we expected, but we survived the heat. We went with our friends, the Harpers. Norah and Kate rode a couple of rides, fed the goats, road the ponies and ate lots of food. We never actually made it out into the orchard to pick apples because the girls were ready to crash. Both girls fell asleep today, but only for about 30 minutes so we are in for early bedtimes!

Now the girls are playing dress-up - surprise, surprise! Kevin and I are just sitting - trying to catch our breath after a couple of busy days.


K.M. Laughlin said...

I used to work at that Eckerts in the fall driving the "train" and running the airplane ride! How funny! Glad you had fun!

Emilie said...

Great pictures!