Friday, September 7, 2007

God Promised the Rainbow

After several days of rain, we saw a rainbow tonight! Norah was very excited about it!
We have finally had a couple of days at home - with nothing to do except play (well, I had cleaning and laundry to do).
The girls were playing dress-up! Dress-up is Norah's favorite thing to do,
I'm not sure what Lucy thinks, but she usually goes with the flow.
Lucy's new favorite thing to do is turn the TV off and on. I think she did it like 100
times today. Norah watches TV when she does her breathing treatments and Lucy won't leave the TV alone. I don't think there is any way to block the power button. The funny thing is, she turns it off and then runs away and laughs! She is a feisty one!


Nicole said...

AHAHHAHA! Lucy is too cute. Porter also loves the on/off button on the TV. When he wants one of us to play with him, he'll turn it off and look at us and say "Ahh dun!" PFFFTT!!!

Beautiful rainbow!