Saturday, September 1, 2007

Playing Catch-up!

Well, after a week without blogging - I have a lot of catch-up to do! The girls are still sleeping (and will be for awhile, hopefully). Kevin is out running and I plan to run after him. I'm going to attempt 6 miles today! Thank the Lord that it is cooler out today. I am running in a 10K two weeks from today. It has been a long time since I ran this distance, so we'll see!

Anyway, Monday, our friends, the Diehl's came over to play. Luke is 4 and Ben is 2. The kids had fun playing and got along great! Our only downfall is that Lucy fell down the stairs to the basement. I'm not exactly sure what happened. She was hungry so she went upstairs and ran over to the pantry. I was my way up to follow her, but turned to tell Norah something, and as I was turning around, Lucy was rolling down the stairs. I was able to catch her about half way. She hardly cried! I don't think she hit her head or anything - but it was scary!

Tuesday, the girls and I went to the mall. We were on the hunt for a bag that has pockets on the front for pictures. Do you know what I mean? I've seen clear bags and black bags. I never did find one, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I also needed to return a few things. We had an interesting trip. We have the stand 'n sit stroller. Typically, I don't buckle Norah in as long as she stays on the stroller. She apparently had no desire to stay on the stroller. Multiple times she would jump off while I was walking or she would step off while I was looking at something. I threatened to buckle her and finally had to follow through, only to have Norah scream, "I don't want to be buckled!" at the top of her lungs all throughout the mall.

Wednesday morning we spent the morning at home. My friend, Cherie, came over to hang out with us for a little while. Cherie has 4 kids - all in school at this point. She is a great encouragement to me as a mom!! Then after naps, the girls and I headed to the Harper's to play and have dinner while Kevin and Jeff both had to work late.

Thursday morning, we went to the park with the Brenda, Alex, and Sam Boydston. The weather here was absolutely beautiful! The girls seemed thrilled to be outside for a good chunk of time without getting too hot! Friday was a lazy day at home and then I had my book party in the evening. Usborne has some very cool books for kids of all ages! My favorite is the Tie a Bow book! Every page has ribbons to practice tying a bow! Very cute!

Also - Kevin had car problems this week and after putting $850 into it about 2 weeks ago, we were quite frustrated. The problem ended up being a part that was put in last time - so we don't have to pay for it.

We are glad to have a three day weekend to relax and have fun!


Nicole said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week. Don't you hate car problems? Thats great that it was a recently fixed part and you didn't have to pay. We had to have the a/c thingy ma bobber fixed in the Durango (close to $1,000 ICK)last summer and not even a month later the a/c wasn't working... ANOTHER part went bad. UGH.

Katie said...

Hey, totally random but Arbonne sells those picture bags for 15$. It does have a small Arbonne logo at the top and four picture slots. Let me know if you want to get one or look at it. Random?

K.M.L said...

Hope you had a great weekend!!!