Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tot School Planning

Tot School will look a little different for us this year because we are babysitting a little boy 3 days a week. Using the planning sheets from here, I have started putting together some ideas for our Tot School "adventures." Since Daphne is only 18 months and Baby C is only 1 - we won't be working on letters or numbers. I will just be introducing them to a variety of themes: farm animals, ocean animals, body parts, transportation, etc.

I love how little ones learn so much through play and I am excited to see both Daphne and Baby C. learning together. I know Norah and Lucy will be big helpers and will probably enjoy Tot School as much as the little ones!!

One thing I am working of putting together is theme boxes. I have a body parts theme box almost finished. I created this as my planning sheet so I don't forget anything. A couple of friends are also putting together some theme boxes so we will be able to share our boxes!! I am hoping having these boxes to work with will make it easier to have more intentional playtime with Daphne.

I am also making a list of all the things in the house that can be used for Tot School. I will just run down the list each week as I am prepping for Daphne and Baby C. Once I get through the list, we will go back and repeat.

I just have to figure out how to display our tot school activities. We do most of our school stuff in the basement where our playroom is. This has worked well because the little ones can play while we are doing school. I am just not sure how to make Tot school stuff separate from our normal - everyday toys.


Sarah G said...

This looks great Heather! I'm sure Daphne and baby C are going to have a lot of fun! Is Daphne really 18 months!!! I know she is, but when I read that it just didn't seem right...time goes by too quick!