Thursday, July 15, 2010

School Planning on the Brain

Wow. After blogging every day in June - I have really slacked off in July. Oops. We have had a lot going on - playing with friends, painting, swim lessons, gymnastics, curriculum ordering and planning. Planning for first grade seems much more time consuming than kindergarten - more subjects, more time on each subject, etc. Plus, I am homeschooling Lucy for pre-k this year - so that is planning for an extra child. AND, I am taking over for Heather babysitting baby C (although, part time for me) so I would like to have some Tot School plans put in place for him and Daphne. I feel like all I am thinking about right now is school stuff.

Here is a quick overview of my curriculum choices for Norah:

History/Georgraphy - Sonlight Core 1

Spelling/LA - Sonlight

Readers - Sonlight

Math - Singapore Level 1A (we actually started this in late summer - so we will be finished with it about 8 weeks into our new school year)

Handwriting - Rod and Staff (Rod and Staff is a curriculum written by Mennonites - therefore, they do not have a website)

Character Training and Life Skills - Little Keepers at Home and a little bit of this.

I also have to decide on art and music, and I need to have Norah decide whether she wants to do gymnastics, soccer, or dance.

Hmm. Looking at my list typed out - this looks like a lot! The good thing is that we won't do every subject every day - so maybe it won't seem so bad.

Oh, I should also add that I am doing my planning and record keeping online this year. I am excited to try it - not sure how it will go because I am so used to having my paper plans in front of my.


Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Oooh, yea! First grade! Let me know if you need any ideas! Wish you lived close by... I still have tubs and tubs of stuff from when I taught...if you're ever home and want to come look through stuff, feel free! Also, for handwriting, I ended up doing my own thing as our school had no set curriculum. I loved Handwriting Without Tears. Good luck this year! You'll be busy!