Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun with Friends

Yesterday, the girls and I went to play at my friend, Alisha's house. She has a little boy Micah - he's about 9 months. The girls had fun and Micah seemed to get a kick out of them. Norah let Alisha see her nasty side - she had a couple of fits while we were there. Yes - I said Norah, my almost 4 year old - not Lucy as some might expect.

Today, the Morrison's came over for a couple of hours. I told Norah on Wednesday that Savannah might come over on Friday - since then Norah has been talking about what she is going to wear. Savannah loves to wear skirts and dresses, so Norah often wants to wear a dress when she is going to be with Savannah!! LOL!


Bush Family said...

Tell Alisha she needs to stat a blog ;-) Man you all's kids are cute!