Friday, March 21, 2008

The Computer is Fixed!!!!!

We have our computer back and it is working!!!!! I was afraid we would have to buy a new one - which is not in our budget right now.

Lucy is doing breathing treatments right now - every 4 hours. Thankfully, this time it is just Lucy - Norah only has to do her typical 1 a day. I took Lucy to the doctor today and as I was finishing up talking to the doctor in the exam room, Lucy steps into the hallway and shouts at the nurse, "COOKIE!" The nurse said, "Is it okay with your mommy?" Lucy responds without looking at me, "YUP!" Then she ran down the hall to claim her cookies.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that Lucy is completely potty trained. I know I mentioned that we were working on it - her choice, not mine. Well, it is official, she is potty trained. I'm thankful that the hard part is over and that it didn't take much effort on my part.

Norah's birthday is Sunday. She is going to open presents tomorrow, though, since Sunday will be busy with Easter stuff. Her party is in a couple of weeks - combined with Lucy. My college friend, Sara, designed their invitations - we love them!! Check out the other cards she has designed!

I know that this is just a bunch of random thoughts - sorry! I've had things to post at different times, but didn't do it because the old computer was driving me crazy!!!


K.M.L said...

Happy Easter! I tagged you on my blog...check it out!